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Our mission: to enhance agricultural performance in the Eurasia Region and to ensure the sustainability of rural development and natural resource management through the provision of analytically based (policy and technical) recommendations and associated technical assistance, with the overarching goal of increasing Russia's contribution to global food security.

Call for Proposals for Collaborative Research Eurasian Center for Food Security, Economic and Environmental Aspects of Food Security

The deadline for submission of research proposals is extended until January 20, 2015!

The Eurasian Center for Food Security (ECFS) launched its Collaborative Research Program in May 2014. The Program aims at fostering collaboration between ECFS, other Russian and Eurasian research organizations and international institutions on priority food security issues for the Eurasian Region. ECFS is pleased to announce the second call and invites interested international and Russian researchers to submit Concept Notes for undertaking collaborative research in any of the priority thematic areas identified below.

For international experts proposing to visit ECFS:

  1. Applied economic modeling for food security
  2. Digital soil mapping for land assessment and conservation

For Russian experts proposing to visit international institutions

  1. Applied economic modelling and analysis on climate change and its impact on agriculture and food security
  2. Approaches to soil salinity control

Program Support: The program will provide travel support (limited to airfare, accommodation and subsistence costs) for trips of up to two months to selected applicants for undertaking collaborative research. For more details about the program, please see the attached Call for Proposals.

Application process: Interested applicants are invited to submit a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and Concept Note via email to Ms. Kunduz Masylkanova (ecfs_research@worldbank.org) with a copy to Sergey Kiselev (office@ecfs.msu.ru). Please indicate “Proposal for Collaborative Research at ECFS” in the subject line. Applications must be submitted in English.

Deadlines: The deadline for submission of application documents is January 20, 2015. Call documents: Please see the attached Call for Proposals and Concept Note template here

Call documents: Please see the attached Call for Proposals and Concept Note template here.

Call for Proposals
Concept Note

Launch of the Eurasian Food Security Network
Dear Colleagues,
We would like to inform you, that the Eurasian Food Security Network has just been launched with the first online consultation Food Security issues in the Eurasian region: major challenges and G8/G20 initiatives in relation with the regional situation.

The Eurasian Food Security Network was set up for the Eurasian Center for Food Security (ECFS) as a result of the collaboration between the ECFS, the World Bank and the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO).

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Food security in the Framework of G8
May 18-19, 2012, the leaders of Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, and the EU joined President Obama at Camp David for the annual G8 Summit. The leaders met to address major global economic, political, and security challenges, including energy and climate change, food security and nutrition, Afghanistan’s economic transition and transitions taking place across the Middle East and North Africa. President Obama and G8 leaders announced a new alliance on food security with African leaders and the private sector as part of an effort to lift 50 million people out of poverty over the next decade.
     President Obama Speaks on Food Security at G8 Meeting
     Press Briefing by Senior Administration Officials on Food Security
     Fact Sheet: The New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition

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Global Launch of ECFS
Representatives of Eurasian countries (Armenia, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan), international organizations and institutes, Russian Federation Ministries, Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Moscow State University and invited experts convened at the World Bank offices in Moscow to participate in the global launch of the newly established Eurasian Center for Food Security of Lomonosov Moscow State University (ECFS).      Read more >>>

Food security of the Russian Federation

Eurasian center for food security of Moscow state University is recognized as the official partner of the world food program of the United Nations from Russian Federation.

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Data bases and statistics
FAO data bases. This domain contains a consolidated set of statistics related to food security. Main themes covered are food deprivation, food needs, food consumption, production and trade, diet composition, access to food, food aid and child nutritional status.

Calender of events
01.02.2015.  Development of Two Professional Degree (Masters Level) Programs on Food Security (Food Security and Agro-food Management and Land and Water Resource Management for Food Security) and Four Short-term Courses on Food Security
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30.10.2014.  Call for Proposals for Collaborative Research Eurasian Center for Food Security Economic and Environmental Aspects of Food Security
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12.05.2012.  8th International Soil Science Congress on “Land Degradation and Challenges in Sustainable Soil Management”
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12.05.2012.  A collective monograph "Soil Geography of Mexico" published.
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02.05.2012. International center for trade and sustainable development (http://ictsd.org) published paper of prof. Sergey Kiselev, ECFS Director, and Roman Romashkin, head of Economic department of ECFS "Possible Effects of Russia’s WTO Accession on Agricultural Trade and Production".
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20.04.2012. Policy Dialogue on how Russia’s WTO accession could affect agricultural trade and production.
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10.04.2012. The World Bank supports Russia’s initiative in response to the 2009 L’Aquila G8 Summit
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16.02.2012. The staff of the Agricultural center of the Moscow state University P.Krasilnikov and A. Makeev took part in the work of the Mountain seminar.
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07.02.2012. S.Kiselev took part in the International specialized exhibition of livestock and breeding AgroFarm-2012.
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06.02.2012. S. Kiselev took part and has acted with the report "The obligations and the expected consequences of accession of Russia to WTO" at the International conference "Mixed fodders - 2012".
20-23 марта 2012 A working meeting of the framework Global soil partnership "Towards Global Soil Information" will be held in Rome, Italy.
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1-6 июля 2012 The Congress of Eurosoil will take place in Bari, Italy.
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5-11 августа 2012 The Congress of Russian society of Soil science will be held in Petrozavodsk.
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