New Round of Collaborative Research on Food Security in Eurasia 2018

We are pleased to announce the third round of collaborative research on
Food Security in Eurasia
Applications are accepted until May 5, 2018

2018 Research Topic

Policies aimed at supporting food value chains by (1) improving food quality and nutrition or (2) avoiding food loss.

For example, the nutrition and food quality topic could focus on: Where in the food value chain are there opportunities to improve or maintain the nutritional quality of food available to the consumer?  What policies could influence the nutritional quality of food leaving the farm and changes in nutritional quality as it moves toward the consumer (e.g. transport, storage, processing, retailing etc.) in order to meet official country standards of nutritional composition and quality? The food loss topic could focus on: Where in the food value chain food loss happens and why? What policies could help avoid food loss?
To Participate in the 2018 Case Study Project Please Complete the Following Steps
  1. Review the Participation Requirements (see below)
  2. Complete online Application Form
  3. E-mail your Case Study Abstract (one page abstract (500 words) covering the following: clear problem statement; brief background information; key stakeholders; key policy issues​ in Russian or English) and CV to Yulia Mitusova and Anna Buyvolova

Participation Requirements
Format and Methodology:
This research will take the form of case studies. Please review the case study methodology  before submitting your application. Please see ECFS case studies from the last two years for reference: 2016 and 2017.

Team Composition: Each team will comprise of two researchers. Because the goal of this project is to enhance cooperation in the Eurasia region, preference will be given to teams where members represent different countries and different institutions.

Project Grants:  Case study authors will be selected to participate in the project on a competitive basis. The World Bank will pay compensation equivalent to applicable short term consultant rates (20 days) and travel costs directly associated with the project.

Project Timeline and Deliverables: Please see the Terms of Reference for details about the project timeline, participation requirements, deliverables, etc.

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