Case Study Publication «Food Security in Eurasia 2018»

Case Study Publication «Food Security in Eurasia 2018»

Scientific editors:

Sergei A. Shoba, Corresponding member of the RAS, Professor, Lomonosov Moscow State University
Jonathan Wadsworth, PhD, Lead Agriculture Specialist, The World Bank
Pavel P. Sorokin, PhD, Professor, Russian State Agrarian University – Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy

To make the general public and decision makers better aware of these challenges, the World Bank and the Eurasian Center for Food Security (ECFS) has initiated a series of research projects (case studies) to analyze key food security issues in selected countries of the region. This is the third volume that continues the series and covers Armenia, the Kyrgyz Republic, Russia (the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)), and Uzbekistan.

Please follow the link to see the first volume of case studies "Food security in Eurasia 2016"
Please follow the link to see the second volume of case studies "Food security in Eurasia 2017"

The current publication is of interest to decision-makers, advisers and analysts in the area of food security, agro politics and sustainable use of natural resources, especially for those who deal with these topics in Eurasia. Moreover, the cases will serve both to students to strengthen their analytical and research capacity and to professors who teach courses on food security and agro policy.

The volume includes outcomes of research conducted in the following Eurasian countries:

  • Armenia

Strengthening the Wild Harvest Value Chain in Armenia to Reduce Poverty in Rural Areas
Yulia Mitusova, Sergey Meloyan
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Improving Wheat Value Chain Performance in Armenia
Naira Harutyunyan, Elena Belova
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  • The Kyrgyz Republic

Promoting Relationships between Local Agricultural Producers and the National School Meals Programme in the Kyrgyz Republic
Anatoly Maksimov, Yulia Kalinichenko
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Loss of Agricultural Produce in Horticulture and Its Impact on Food Security in the Kyrgyz Republic
Eldar Kelemetov, Ekaterina Yakubovich
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  • Russia

Ensuring Sustainable Development of the Agri-Food Sector in the Russian Far North: The Case of Yakutia
Alexey Naumov, Daria Sidorova
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  • Uzbekistan

Improving Fruit and Vegetable Value Chains in Uzbekistan
Darya Ilina, Muzafar Karimov
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Assessment of the Efficiency of Organic Agriculture Development in Uzbekistan
Valery Koshelev, Saodat Dusmuratova
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