Case Study Publication «Food Security in Eurasia»

Food security in EurasiaScientific editors: P. Pinstrup-Andersen, S.A. Shoba, I.I. Vasenev, V.M. Koshelev, P.P. Sorokin   This volume presents outcomes of research projects (cases) implemented in several countries across the Eurasian region. The cases were part of an initiative designed to bring attention to some relevant food security issues in selected sectors of the agro-business industry, and produced with support from the World Bank and the Eurasian Center for Food Security (ECFS) of Moscow State University.   The current publication is of interest to decision-makers, advisers and analysts in the area of food security, agro politics and sustainable use of natural resources, especially for those who deal with these topics in Eurasia. Moreover, the cases will serve both to students to strengthen their analytical and research capacity and to professors who teach courses on food security and agro policy. The volume includes outcomes of research conducted in the following Eurasian countries:Armenia   Intensive Fish Farming as a Contributor to the Depletion of Underground and Surface Water Resources in the Ararat Valley T. Trifonova Download PDF   The Dairy Sector of Armenia: Relationships among Supply Chain Members I. Poleshkina, E. PeplozyanDownload PDF  Kyrgyzstan   Suggested Actions to Reduce Irrigation Erosion in the Kyrgyz RepublicN. Mavlyanova, K. Kulov, P. JooshovDownload PDF  Sustainable Development of Agro-Industrial Sector and Food Security of the Kyrgyz Republic in the Process of Integration into the Eurasian Economic Union E. Yakubovich, Z. EnikeyevaDownload PDF   Development Issues in the Traditional Livestock Sector of the Kyrgyz RepublicI. Nefedjev, A. BolotbekovaDownload PDF  Tajikistan   Rehabilitation of Saline Soils in Tajikistan: The Example of Saline Soils in Vakhsh ValleyV. Demidov, H. AkhmadovDownload PDF  Uzbekistan   Water and Land Management and Agricultural Policy in Support of Food Security: The Amu Darya Delta in UzbekistanA. Safarova, G. KhasankhanovaDownload PDF   
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