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Olga Yakimenko
Senior Researcher, Land Resources Department

Olga Yakimenko holds the MSc and PhD degrees in Soil Chemistry from the Soil Science Faculty of Moscow State University, Russia.
She is a Senior Researcher and Deputy Dean on International Cooperation at the same Faculty, and also a Researcher at Land Resources Department of Eurasian Center for Food Security. Key responsibilities in ECFS include the interaction with international organizations in the field of education, as well as in the framework of the Global Soil Partnership. Olga carries out expert-analytical and research work related to the assessment of humus status and maintaining land fertility.

Main research interests are focused on: (1) composition and structure of humic substances, their environmental functions and interactions with living organisms, and (2) commercial humic products in basic and applied science: mechanisms of action, effectivity, quality parameters and areas of use in agriculture and environmental technologies.​