The Ag Observatory Workshop on Digital and Disruptive Agricultural Meteorology for Agricultural Decision Support took place in the ANAU Agribusiness Teaching Center on November 1st. World Bank expert Caroline S. S. Franca presented the project and led the workshop.


It was a full day of active knowledge exchange and discussions around use and application of state-of-the-art agrometeorological data and tools for decision support, particularly its potential for risk mitigation and policy-making in the region. The event gathered 10 selected participants from different research and academic institutions in the Armenia (National Academy of Sciences, Armenian National Agrarian University, Haybusak University, G.S.Davtyan Institute of Hydroponics) and the region (Moscow State University, Kuban State University) as well as FAO, ECFS and World Bank. Participants successfully progressed in the hands-on modules tailored to the session, including use of the web-based platform, QGIS and R scripts for data access via API, data mining, management, visualization, analysis and interpretation vis-à-vis local context.


Feedback from the session – both in-site reactions and post-training survey – was very positive. Participants mentioned the interactive approach and the trial of multiple tools for data discovery worked particularly well. The main caveat of the workshop pointed out by respondents was the limited time. More time was needed to practice and dive deeper into the tools and topic.  Most participants mentioned the wish to further test the data, tools and its potential use in different ongoing studies and activities. The Ag Observatory team will be following-up with the participants on their specific needs.

Please follow this link to read the analysis produced as an outcome of the session and reach out to Caroline S. S. Franca (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for further information on the Ag Observatory!