Food Policy Research and Capacity Development in Eurasia

December 2, 2020, 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM EDT

The event will be streamed in both English and Russian languages.

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Strengthening policy research and analytical capacity in Eurasia continues to be critical for designing and implementing evidence-based policies for agricultural transformation and inclusive food systems development. In recent years, collaborative policy research and capacity-strengthening program supported by the Russian Federation and jointly implemented by the World Bank, IFPRI, and ECFS at Lomonosov Moscow State University has helped to strengthen capacities of research and educational institutions and individual researchers in Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and other countries in the region. The program also helped facilitate the network of institutions and researchers and bring the actors and players in these countries' food policy systems to effectively engage in food policy, research, and capacity development objectives.

In this webinar, participants will highlight recent policy research and case studies findings and discuss various approaches and lessons for strengthening food policy systems in the Eurasia region. Providing evidence-based and data-driven policy support, effectively engaging with policymakers, and supporting the next generation of policy analysts through educational and capacity development programs will be emphasized. Using programmatic approaches implemented through the collaborative project of the ECFS, World Bank, and IFPRI, the webinar will explore future opportunities to strengthening the policy systems in the face of pressing social, economic, health, and environmental challenges.



Frauke Jungbluth, Practice Manager, Agriculture and Food, Europe and Central Asia The World Bank

Opening Remarks (20 minutes)

Sergey Shoba, Director, ECFS, Moscow, Russian Federation

Renaud Seligmann, Country Director for Russia, The World Bank

Steven Schonberger, Director for Sustainable Development, Europe and Central Asia Region, The World Bank

Johan Swinnen, Director General, IFPRI

Case study approach to food policy capacity development in Eurasia (15 minutes)

Collaboration between the World Bank and ECFS in developing case study approach for food policy in Eurasia: Experience and lessons learned, Artavazd HakobyanThe World Bank, Moscow, Russian Federation

Experience in teaching case study method in the USA and Eurasia, Derrill Watson, Tarleton University, Texas, USA

Role of case studies method in food policy capacity building, Suresh BabuIFPRI, Washington, DC, USA

Policy research on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on households, food systems and agriculture (25 minutes)

Policy responses and impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on household welfare, food security, and agriculture in Central Asia, Kamiljon Akramov and Katrina Kosec, IFPRI, Washington, DC, USA

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on trade and remittances in Eurasia, Roman Romashkin, ECFS, Moscow, Russian Federation

Discussion (20 minutes)

Closing Remarks (10 minutes)